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    The idea of the game is to have really fun and balanced online multilayer combat with a very high potential range of skill and is all found within a beautiful fantasy setting, the character using a third person camera (so the melee aspect makes sense, unlike FPS camera melee games where people run around like headless chickens unable to see their surroundings). Also, like most typical fantasy RPG's we wanted to have a good level of character customization in choosing a unique weapon and skill set that suites you - as well as making each player able to have unique role within their team enabling incredible depth to teamwork, tactics and strategy!

    SKILLFUL MELEE: The sword fighting system, which is meant to be the basis of the game, is very complex but can be used in a variety of ways depending on your skill. You can either play with lightning fast reflex responses and win every fight, play by randomly parrying and attacking, which yields some success, or by choosing a shield and ignoring the melee element of the game entirely.

    SKILLFUL ARCHERY: The bows and arrows are not easy to use like a gun in HL2. There is no cross hair, the arrow does not fire directly down your line of sight or towards the center of your screen (so you can't mark a dot in the middle) and the arrows can be fired at different speeds depending on how long you pull the sting. BUT, before you think (THIS IS MADNESS!) Fear not, the archery system does make sense and you can master it to the point of being able to place an arrow wherever you want but it takes a lot of skill!

    HEAPS OF MAGIC: The magic in Kingdoms Collide doesn't exactly require skill to use, instead, it is the mark of a good player to be able to wield magic effectively and increse their overall killing power by strategically choosing spells that work with their weapons well and using them in clever combinations.
    What spells are there for example?:

    Teleport -instantly transport yourself forwards about 6 meters
    Fire cicle -blow up an area around yourself
    Stealth -be invisible while standing in shadow
    Glacier -summon a great spike of ice to block narrow roads or create walls
    Ensnare -summon roots from the earth to hold an enemy in place for a time
    Blizzard -spray your enemy with freezing wind to eventually freeze them in place for a time
    Fireball -throw a ball of fire
    True Sight -all units glow bright with their team colour and leave behind a trail (even when in stealth)
    That's just a shortened list of the most tactical spells, I'll bet you can think, just from reading those, how you could use and combine them.


    20 unique magic skills/spells
    10 unique custom weapons
    5 unique custom characters
    100+ custom animations
    and much more!

    It looks like an amazing mod definitely eager to play this. Tell me you guys thoughts

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    you said amazing mod?

    of what? and linky pls?
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  3. Default ?
    Also theres videos there, basically its a hl2 mod of wcs in my opinion or rpg mod

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