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Thread: LUL fail helicopter parents

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    So this morning I decided to play resident evil 4 on my wii. All of a sudden a I went to the merchant to buy a rifle then I got stuck trying to redo my inventory then my dad comes into the room yelling at me for playing games with shooting and I'm like whatevar. Then my grandma comes into the room giving the same speech and I'm all like WTF GTFO. Then my parents last week kept on nagging me about when they buy my new computer I can only play it on saturdays and I'm FUCKING COME ON and they said no shooting games even though they know I have l4d,css,and kf. Fail helicopter sir
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    what?!!? sucks to be you thats why I had my mom kick me out helps when u got ur own place no parents can nag you...


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    Masta my parents tried to do the same thing to me. My mom didn't want me playing violent video games so she wouldn't rent any for me. (I had to download them online). Same with music and movies. For everything she tried to do to prevent me from doing something, I found a way to get it and do it. Friends houses are the best! I saw gory movies and played violent video games over at my friends house that my mom had no idea I was doing. As you get older you'll get better and better as getting away with the things you want to do.

    And bro, if they put computer restrictions or web blockers or game rating blockers, let us know. Because I am sure all of ibis can find a work around so you can play.

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    Thanks Anex but i'm pretty sure that if my dad can't work google chrome then he won't know how to do whatever you said

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    Oh and also Mastacheff, if they start using passwords on stuff so you can't access it, try this.

    Keylogger (records every keystroke, including when people type in passwords)
    Good program when you want it to work for you. <--- Big compilation of programs

    Most of which you could probably find free on torrents anyways.

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    Aren't you like 12 years old? That alone says it. Let them be "helicopter" parents because after a certain time they won't give a damn.

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    Meh i rather get good at fps at an early age rather than trying them like while 56

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    OOoooo thats low Mastacheff...

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    Your priorities are pretty crappy. After a certain time being good at video games won't matter in real life.

    Got a blister? Ibuprofen. Can't feel from your waist down? Ibuprofen. Got a spider bite? Ibuprofen. - SPC S-Rod & Me

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    Yea pretty much, but i'm still trying to be a kid, once i hit 15 or 16 i'll get some better priorities what not

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