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    I'm curios. Is offering admin to other servers considered recruiting for them?

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    it depends. if you're referring to ibis doing it on other servers then no, but if you're referring to other people doing it on ibis servers then yes.

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    umm I don't think, they are just offering ADMIN. but at the same time yes because they are leaving the server.
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    Others offering admin to other servers, while playing on IBIS servers

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    It's a form of advertisement. So yes.

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    That was my guess, I'll make sure to have a demo next time I see it happening

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    Yea I would say thats advertising

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    I'm curios. Is offering admin to other servers considered recruiting for them?

    It's like me like me telling you that if you come to my clan and server, I'll give you admin.


    But I'm sure 32094875202 poeple said this already.

    Too lazy to read the whole thread.
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