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Thread: oh fun and sadness

  1. Default oh fun and sadness

    I am off chillrun, to a land of far less videogames and a lot more ass kicking, I really have loved playing with you guys/girls, it has been rather grand, but now timmy needs to cut his addiction to all things videogames loose and start doing more important shit. IBIS and those that have made it and kept it-way to be (and adieu)!


    * I sincerely doubt my abilities concerning self control so I am sure I will see you all from time to time in-game

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    I'll cya tomorrow in the zombie server

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    LMAO @ that reply JIG.

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    its always how it is lol

  5. Default whoops

    so i deleted my video games and haven't touched them for a week but now instead of teaching myself about more sweet adobe software I have been drinking almost every night (thats a fail-but i enjoyed it)

    if its not one addiction its another i suppose

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