If you do it will be moved or deleted. Please make threads in the server forum.

How to read threads in this sub-forum
The threads in this sub-forum are a place to officially list future changes to the servers. This is to help me keep track of what I need to update and also so that we can track changes. Think of this as an official change log.

Users are asked to please post responses to suggested ideas to update the server with. Suggestions will be added if a new thread emerges in the servers forum. If there already is a thread discussing a suggestion a link to it will be placed next to the idea. Ones that are in yellow need more details so that the exact update can be determined and as to allow for a discussion.

If an idea is accepted it will be removed from the suggestion list when it is added to the version update history. Suggestions that are not implemented will remain in red so that people know the idea was already suggested and rejected. Note that some rejected ideas may be reconsidered in the future and that is mainly why they are left up.