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Thread: Zombie mod automap change?

  1. Default Zombie mod automap change?

    Okay so we had problems with the server changing the server map back to the default maps, we dont know if someone is doing it or if the server auto does it.

    for example: 2:57 est, we were playing winterfun and automatically the map was changed to cs_assault. Can someone check the logs to see if this is auto or if someone is playing a joke of some sort?

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    is it still happening?

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    well, it could be a good idea to check admins every once in a while. you prolly kno the command but dont do it offen.

    ma_admin or ma_admins i believe is the command

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    yeah, i did that, just me, frank and cujo from what i remembered, wasn't us.

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    Mods have been updated so it should not be able to occur now. Please let me know if it continues

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