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Thread: Request - Unban Me

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    Name in Game: Traitor
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:13537169
    Who banned you: Dead Serious
    When: March 30, 2010 - 3:45 EST (give or take 5-10mins)
    Where: (IBIS PUB #1)
    Why banned: I questioned why Dead Serious was always camping/hiding/running away (even when he's suppose to be doing objective). On bomb map, T planted bomb and Dead (CT) didn't make a move to defuse bomb. Other players started complaining and voted to kick him, calling him a stat whore. I then said, can't kick him he's an admin, the worst admin ever. Then resulted in a ban. He also likes to mic spam for the whole round.

    Other/Reason to unban: I like to switch teams when one side has the advantage. I won't make comments about admins again, even if I think they're abusing their admin status. I enjoy playing on this server and with the people that play on it. If I am at fault, then I apologize.

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    You were warned numberous times to stop disrespecting ...and blocking me with that said you will serve your 1 day banned..and for now on I Hope you keep your mouth close when told too.

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    The only thing I see that you did wrong is Disrespecting an Admin,
    However Dual I think a 1 day ban is way to much.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    So... what your trying to tell me is that you saw a spherical square?

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    You should be wearing your ibis.a tag as well... I've never said anything in game but you never have it on.

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    Traitor has been disrespectful on many occassion.. and is lucky I Did not hand him a week.. He was well aware of me being a Clan Member...before I Hand out any banned I Make everyone well aware who I am before they are discipline. My clan tag has nothing to do with it.... you wear the ibis a tag not me rage!
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    Yes but you do need the clan tag on just like admins need their tag if you are going to use admin powers.

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