This will be a long post.

Firstly, I haven't made maps with Hammer in about 5 years, so it won't look that pretty, but will be highly functional and balanced. I prefer purely cading maps with limited, if any, cheap spots. Also, the limited secrets would help to get around cades if anything.

Here's the thing, I need some input on the type of cade spots people prefer. I like spots such as desert fortress's upstairs room (the one next to the tube), where you have to choose which spot you'll basically make invulnerable while sacrificing the other's. Everyone likes different setups though. If I can get some ideas of spots are liked but also balanced, I'd like to hear them -- please list the map and exact spot or provide screenshots.

Here's the basic idea: I'll break down cade spots by category.

1. Fortress. These are the "top tier" spots that yield the best chance of success (think churchofmint, the room with the bookcase, two machines and a couch).
Balancing: Two entrances or make the cade materials placed in a way that the optimum orientation takes skill (think highschool with the shelves being in another room). Also making these look less attractive to the average player by possibly having most of the cade materials in the next room (the one story building in desert_fortress for example).

2. Defense. These will be "good" spots but with flaws, whether it be windows, breakable barriers or something of that nature.
Balancing: Destructibles make these areas limited in effectiveness but with proper technique can be utilized to full potential.

3. Creativity. These are the spots that veteran players will spot after testing different areas because they use "out of the box" thinking. A good example is using the red box + machine in ATIX.
Balancing: These spots usually take time and skill to set up properly and as such I don't feel the need to penalize them any more.

What I'm trying to avoid:
1. Cheap crouch spots
2. Secret areas that are unbalanced
3. Having one or two good spots with the rest throwaways. Too many people on the server to rush two spots.

I'm still drawing up ideas, so any input is good at this point. The setting has yet to be established.