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Thread: Admin abuse in ibis pub

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    Default Admin abuse in ibis pub

    I play in the Ibis rotation pub every single day, it's the only server I ever really play on. So I was in there this morning and NYS, one of the admins, was playing. Every time I died, he would talk shit and laugh. So I said "you're kind of being a dick huh?"

    After this I was kicked, which I kind of expected. But then I reconnected. I joined t's and said "hmmmm." Kicked by NYS again.

    Reconnected. I said "Why was I kicked that time, I didn't even do anything?" Muted.

    Reconnected again so I could actually talk, I can't play cs if I can't talk to my team. So I wouldn't get muted again I said "Dude I'm just trying to play, I said one thing I didn't think you would take it so seriously. Just let me play."

    His response: "You went around the mute." Kicked and banned.

    Now Ibis is my FAVORITE server, and to be an every day regular and be treated like this is kind of bullshit to me. Is there a specific place to complain about admin abuse? Or do I just have to deal with this?

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    You were banned for 30 minutes for disrespecting an admin and going around the mute. Serve your ban well and learn not to break the rules. Just because you play here everyday doesnt make you special. Anymore comments would be from Zero after my reply..

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