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Thread: unban scottzilla

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    Default unban scottzilla

    Name in Game:Scottzilla
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:2249468 00:44 66 0
    Who banned you: NYS
    When: About 10:00am, 4/2/10
    Where: The IBIS rotation pub
    Why banned: First I was kicked for calling NYS a dick, which was a mistake. My reasoning for this was him laughing and talking shit every time I died and saying "bad" etc. Which is just how CS goes. But then when I came back and said "hm"(this is literally all I said after I reconnected), he kicked me again. Came back and said "I didn't do anything the second time", and was muted. Came back and said "I just want to play, I'm not doing anything wrong just let me play." KICKED AND BANNED. I play on this server every day, I'm ranked 9 last time I checked, it's my favorite server. Then I get BANNED for virtually no reason.

    Other/Reason to unban: The ban was uncalled for. The only reason I could have been banned was calling him a dick, which he only kicked me for. After that, I did NOTHING wrong besides avoiding an uncalled for mute. I can't play cs without talking to team.. Please just unban me.

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    Its most likely a couple hours to a day banned...I Know you play on the server alot... but you usually are vocal when you are playing when I'm on..Rules are rule don't disrespect IBIS Members or admins.

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    It was 30 minutes. Next time dont be a smartass with your insults and also dont go around the mute.

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