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    I am making this post because zero said b-hopping is a script...I can do it without a script. Its rather easy to do too. Play a few surf maps and you will get good at bunny hopping i promise. If bunny hopping is agaisnt the rules then it is, but if its agaisnt the rules because its a script and your not scripting, whats the deal with that? I am wondering because I do bunny hop from time to time without a script and I have personally seen admin do it as well.

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    im not bothered by it tbh, since it kinda fucks your aim up.

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    bunny hop all u want cause im still gonna fucking kill your ass as ur jumping around like a fool! muwhahahahahahahaha


    "If BBW's were candy I would have one every day hahahaahha"
    "Have you every heard of the dating website well I check out the website HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA"
    "I have a super power called retarded... but i use it sparingly"


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    Zero answered my question in game. Its a yes to b hopping but only if its non script, at least thats what i gathered

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    bunny hopping is fun in zmod lol.

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    Heck yeah, Bunny Hopping all over the place as a PredXP tagging humans left and right who either can't hit or don't see you in time....

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    LOL ever heard of youtubing L2BHOP, great video.

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    since when is bunny hopping a script anyway? never once have i used scripts to hop.

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