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Thread: Very VERY confused??? (Dual, I think?)

  1. Default Very VERY confused??? (Dual, I think?)

    Yeah, we were all just playin the game and I was doing pretty good. I shot dual (not tk, he was on other team...) then he slays me? Keep in mind he hasnt said a word to anyone ALL GAME or the map before... and Im like yo dude whyd you slay me? and he goes HAVENT I WARNED YOU? and im like naw man whats wrong? and he just bans me!?

    and it would be pretty cool to get unbanned... or told what i was going wrong? or something??? pretty odd... logs can be checked, no tking, no nothing. he just slays me, then says HAVENT I WARNED YOU? and then bans me... im so lost...
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    Dule why is he banned again!?

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    You were warn about camping(spawn area) on port as a terriost, especially with awp, you did it again right after I Warn you, then you started laughin ,like you have not been warned about it, Zero can check log to see you was warned.

    You were banned for 1 day for disrespecting a admin once again.

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    You haven't spoke to me all day! If I see a warning in logs than I will shush, but I swear you didn't say a word to me at all! You just sat there! And I haven't laughed at all about anything! I wish mics were recorded in logs! AH! This is insane! I was just playing! I RECEIVED NO WARNING OF ANY KIND!

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    You purposely continue to awp from spawn on t's after you were warn, I Went straight to t's the next round to see you there again, in which you awp me twice , its in the log. your warning.

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    well, i dont see the sense in making two threads about this. its actually not very helpful but harmful to your situation.

    colbys post shows that dual did warn him however whatever happened via mic is hear say. port is a very typical map to camp t spawn and awp from, so for me, that sounds credible in its self.

    i think, everyone should just count their losses and dont take this situation any further then it already is. theres nothing to win for anyone.

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    Dual hasn't used his mic all day, and check the logs, if there is a warning I will shut up, but i never saw NOR respond to any warnings...

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    I posted my thread for a reason.

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    Nobody warned anybody and I am sure people can vouch for that. Dual said nothing to me, or I would have gladly moved. I did move about throughout the rounds, but I would have never shot from there if that's what he wanted. He did not say a word to me, just slayed and banned. All for nothing.

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    I have never witnessed DUAL abuse his powers on anyone. He is not going to slay someone for no reason. Now as you can see in the logs in admin chat that HE IS WARNING V FOR SPAWN CAMPING. So move on and take the punishment. Follow the rules and I'm sure you'll be fine. Crying here and creating double threads will not help you in your case.

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