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Thread: Keep you eye on the internets

  1. Default Keep you eye on the internets

    If you like the internet the way it is we need to bitch to the gov to not allow this sort of bs...

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    Time Warner fucking sucks anyway. Nothing but problems. If something goes down, you have to wait at least a week before they can come over and check the cables and shit. They fucking suck monkey balls.

    I tihnk its time to go back to verizon

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    does this mean that my lat will get better since its the only thing I use?
    it doesn't come closeto the bandwith that p2p does it?

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    I have comcast and use to love it. Can barely initiate and seed a torrent anymore.
    They monopolized my are atm and the only other choice I have is 1.5 Mbit DSL or keep my 16/2 connection from CommieCast.

    Soon as the whole BT thing is over they will start usuing protocol-agnostic traffic management. Bad Bad Comcast.... They need to upgrade there hardware and stop strangling every bit of bandwidth out there system by cutting off people who dont use the net for just email and surfing. =\

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