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Thread: hi my name is MR AWESOME

  1. Default hi my name is MR AWESOME

    hi my name is MR AWESOME

    Server: pub rotation

    Banned: perma banned for what appears to be walling

    acolyte msg'ed me into pub server under a different name. He recorded demo as i spec'ed. I record short demo as well but have no clue how to obtain it. He will post his demo shortly. Told me he had all that he needed and i hit the kill switch.

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    here. unfortunately i didn't get right before this started, the previous round, he tracked someone through the wall, and hsed him as soon as he rounded corner (no, it wasn't "he knew the map") he came out of t spawn, crouched, looked along wall, followed something and shot

    short demo btw
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    I have a one round demo as well if needed (didn't watch acolyte's demo), but he was definitely hacking, looked like a well-configured aimbot.

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