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Thread: Banned for being new? :-P

  1. Default Banned for being new? :-P

    i bought Counterstrike: Source today from the store.

    Cuz a friend showed me the Zokmbie mod and i liked it.

    I was entering the ip und it started to download the map and other stuf to play this mod.

    after that i didn't joined the game i just got banned.. without even see the choose menu of the 2 partys.

    please help me i guess its just an error....

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    well, it's possible the server was full and you couldn't join it.
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    no when i try to reconnect it says U got banned wioth ur id blablalbabl etc.

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    try posting in the proper section..... and in proper format.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    lol Iam in the User Help area, and iam a User and i need help so what section do u mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dro53r View Post
    lol Iam in the User Help area, and iam a User and i need help so what section do u mean?
    The "unban" section works...

    BTW, if you have any 3rd party software on your box that was detected by Valve or detector devices IBIS servers use then B A M !! Toast... Also if your connection isn't adequate same deal.

    In any event I'd post in proper place (noted above) and follow the proper format askiing for asistance and you'll probably get this issue resolved so you can play again.

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    if you didn't pick a name and was signing in with the default 'unnamed' it may have banned you. in options change your name to something and when you're unbanned try agian.

    and he is new to the game, and therefore the site, try not to be total fucks about him posting in the wrong spot and help the guy out

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    So your going to be banned in a few hours and your filling out a ban request in advanced!? So what if in 4 hours you just do not connect then the ban will never take place...

    Also do not lie about the details of your ban. I know you were in game. I know you were playing and had joined a team. I know that an admin banned you. I know that you were not banned when connecting to the server or by one of the automated scripts.

    Also I know that your are kathy/andy. Stop making multiple account and making shit up or I will just perma ban you from everything.
    Seems Zero has already handled this...

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