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Thread: pistols

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    yo CO, what kind(s) of glock(s) do you have?

    im getting a pistol soon and have been debating over 2 different ones

    Glock 38 .45

    or a

    Springfield XDm .40

    any input on either guns will be appreciated

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    the second one if pretty.

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    I have the Glocvk 26 9mm. I didnt choose a higher caliber from Glock because it has too much recoil with the Glock 27 .40 caliber.

    In my opinion, I'm buying a Sig Sauer p229 two tone with rails .40 caliber. iF you have the money to spend about 800 bucks. Go with the Sig.

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    aight ill check that out

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    Just take all that money and spend it on personal lessons from Jet Li, he will teach you how to dodge bullets and kick ass.

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    Now that's a beautiful concealable gun.

    or this one.....soooo pretty.

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    o nice i like the second one. nice coloring

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    oooooooo pretty

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    Here u go. He does great reviews. Lots of vids.

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    hell yea thats some good shit thnx CO ill be checking dude out often

    the beretta 21 .22 in the wallet holster... thats sick

    give me yo wallet ..aight chill BAM!!


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