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Thread: Straight out the pub.

  1. Default Straight out the pub.

    Name in Game: Straight out the pub.
    Steam-ID: 0:1:6641940
    Who banned you: Recoil<ibis.a>
    When: 11:45
    Where: IBIS PUB #1
    Why banned: I have no idea

    Other/Reason to unban: I like playing on your servers

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    You were banned because your Steam ID is VAC banned and you somehow went around it. I don't care that you say you didn't, its right there where everyone can look using:

    Game Playlist

    Fallout 3(360)
    CS: Source

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    i am vac banned in 1.6, if you're vac banned on the HL1 Engine, you're not vac'd on the HL2 Engine.

    If i was vac'd on HL2 engine (css) i would not be able to get around it, there is no possible way to get around it.

    thats my steam profile, everyone can look at it.
    but that was my past, i play professionally now

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    This is a mutiple thread .. which now will be closed..

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