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    To all whom are concern about Comic...He is Perm Banned ..He is Known Hacker and is not welcome here in forum and IBIS servers...Now you will see the Evidences ....These are Mutiple Accounts which are Vac-Banned...

    Soon to be banned from Forums as soon as Zero see...If anyone cares to join him.. keep spamming the IBIS FORUMS.

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    Yeah, its pretty lame. We have a zero tolerance procedure against known cheaters.
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    IP Adress will be link to those accounts....Your not dealing with a idiot here... move on your gone ..

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    I have openely admited to hacking ....4 years ago and recently on CODmw2 and l4d ..but this isnt about me.... and that I used to hack... Did you ban me for hacking? answer is no. And 2 of those accounts aka NYS and you my own brother had taken control of those accounts annd got them banned.. Now you want to dig dirt?

    For others who dont know me and those that do... about 10 -11 days ago I was at my bros house building a shed for him and he was playing css.. he was specing Demi god and kept saying to me that Demi is cheating... I dint know demi yet.. anyways I played that day for the 1st time in about 4 years. And my 1st day returning I came to this pub cause dual (my bro) asked me to. Now i have played steady for 8 days dealing with dual and nys abusing and ZERO knows all this is true becuase I introduced myself to him in mail. Now yes like I said I used to cheat 4 YEARS AGO i think on NYC fraggin server where dual and NYS are banned for admin abuse... But i didnt cheat in 4 years and you bringing up this to others show your true colors .. Have a nice day
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    DOnt delete my reply.... its called a response

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    I Tried to Should everyone and let everyone see who your dealing with but he continues to spam forums...after serveral IBIS Members had told him not to. So now for the 10th time I Must close this thread.

    Comic has Problems with Authority Here.. Me and CO Been Here for About 6 Years or so....Do you really think were gonna let someone Disrupt our Community..
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    I am also moderating the spam and I have restored his post in this thread.

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