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    Dual opens a topic (creates 1) then says I opened

    dual said and I quote " Tried to Should everyone and let everyone see who your dealing with but he continues to spam forums...after serveral IBIS Members had told him not to. So now for the 10th time I Must close this thread.

    Comic has Problems with Authority Here.. Me and CO Been Here for About 6 Years or so....Do you really think were gonna let someone Disrupt our Community.."

    Umm you opend that and when I responded you deleted it....and only kept 1 response.. and 2 of those accounts u named is not mine lmao.... anything for the win huh...?

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    Yea that is impossible I can not even do that. Comic has Problems with Authority Here.. clearly shown by the fact that he keeps spamming threads all over the forums. I run IBIS... Do you really think I am going to let let someone Disrupt the Community?

    I have said I am looking into the demo when I can I have also said how I am implementing new mods on the servers to ensure that even if this was not abuse that no other abuse my take place in the future.

    Also if you do have a legitimate argument why are you weakening your position and making yourself look like a fool by stating things that are not true and spamming all over the place.

    You may be able to get some other members in the community to go along with this for a while by making things up that they themselves have no way of knowing. But I will not allow lies to spread thought the community. I think that if you look over all of the years and all of the decisions I have ever made the only thing I have ever cared about was the truth. So what do you think will happen when you just start trying to spread lies to get attention?
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