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    I became overly frustrated this weekend. I heard the new Lady Gaga video for Telephone was good. So I went to youtube to watch it, only to find out that it wasn't available in my country because my isp shows me as "German." I tried watching 5 different versions of it and to no avail. I was so pissed at the record companies and youtube! I had to download the fucking video from bittorrent.

    Now I have always known about IP changers but could never get them to work or if they did, they were always slow as shit. So I went browsing for ip changers and found out about VPN services. If you do not know what they are, they change your ip to show you in a different country AND do not log any of your information. (ex If you want to download in the UK w/out being subjected to being spied on. Not even you ISP can track what you do.) Its like virtually going underground, flying under the radar.

    So first I subscribed to Blacklogic VPN services, which was a scam and took $13 from me. Not in the sense of scam as you think, they do offer you their services two weeks later after you pay, have horrible customer service, and basically rip you off. Pissed off, I started reading reviews of different companies and found a reliable one from called Hidemyass. Its so awesome, I subscribed and was online in literally 40 seconds with an IP from the states.

    I love VPN, Fuck the corporations. Its like having the internet opened back up to me for the first time since 1998.
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    you could have asked, i would have let you proxy through me.

    Edit: that video reminded me of Loka XD
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    I could have, but with this I can change countries whenever I want and fly completely under the radar. You really can't beat that.

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    you should try using foxyproxy (on firefox) through tor (The Onion Router). it bounces you back and forth through many participating comps and servers to connect you, and then sends data directly back to your comp. we used it to get around websense at my HighSchool
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    Could have just asked me. I could have told you that it wasn't worth it.
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