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    All non critical work will stop indefinitely. My big computer can not play CS:S anymore (but NS works) and as a result I will be using my laptop to run the game when admins need to be activated. It remains unclear what the cause of the problem is but it is the same one I have had randomly on and off for 6 months and has something to do with the grafix card. (the game crashes to a solid color)

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    ok, fair enough. thanks for the heads up. take your time fixing it man.
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    Yea I am going to try a bios update...

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    Not sure if that helped yet but it made it so >30 multipliers work so this will let me OC really high now! Although I normally run just at the 4.2ghz b/c there is no real need for more speed than that all the time. (sig updated)

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    Fixed, the problem is actually the ram. For now I have underclocked it to fix the problem but it could just be a configuration issue with the xmp profile. However now that I know it was not the gpu I have OCed that again!

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    Lol good thing you're a computer wiz!

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    I have now got it working at the speeds I want using xmp profile 2. Like I suspected it was a configuration issue. By using the mapping from the ram maker rather than Intel I can get a stable ram overclock. However I needed to increase my multiplier to 31 in order to keep my nice 4.2ghz oc. Later I will probably increase it more to see how high I can OC with multiplier alone. Running prime95 with current settings worked fine. Also b/c it was not the grafixcard I have put a 150mhz OC on it just for the time being and a 200mhz oc on the gpu memory. I will half to dig up my old numbers and I know I can OC it way more than that. Regardless just from the gpu OC I got an additional 100fps boost in zombie mod.

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    I wish I could OC my possessor, god damn HP and locking the bios, I even decided to see if I could flash it however, HP asked Asus to make the board specifically for them, so all the bios files are on HP, and that is just useless.

    OC my ram could help to, even though I have 6 gigs, they run at a rather low speed, usually I dont see the point in OC them but they are running at 400 mhz...

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    You could still oc your gpu

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    You could still oc your gpu
    I know, its overclocked ~16% more then stock, anymore then that and it starts haveing issues (9600 gso)

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    So... what your trying to tell me is that you saw a spherical square?

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