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    I have given the servers their own forms so that issues and maps for all of them can be separated. This will make it much easier to track issues and to respond. Also the new map system will make it so that changes to the maps can be done much easier than before and will remove a lot of frustration that players where having with trying to get me to change maps or other such things on the servers.

    Let me know what you all think.

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    wow nice
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    yeah, zm is down. wtf? that's wcs's job

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    Most excellent! Even though I was already asking you about my map through PMs, I'll make a thread in the PUB Forum just in case. It looks like you have a snazzy system in place for that.

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    Yea this is a lot easier for me b/c I have gotten so many pms recently things like maps just get forgotten.

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    I like I like

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    So i herd newbs aren't going to get lost in forums nao.

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    Oh crap I did not think of that. Now it is harder to make fun of them...

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    what changes were made to the map system?
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