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Thread: Irony (muted) couple days ago

  1. Default Irony (muted) couple days ago

    Name in Game: .:Spray–N–Pray:. Irony
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:31852192
    Who banned you: unsure
    When: couple days ago
    Where: on the wcs server
    Why banned: people were fighting over the mic and i playingly (unfortunately they did not know this) said "stfu all of you" and i didn't even know that i was muted. at first everything that i typed was scrambled then i couldnt talk at all. I don't even have a mic. I did not get any warnings at all. Thank you for your time.

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    sorry i did not say in the original message, but i was not banned just muted.

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    If the mute function is the same on the WCS server as GunGame, your mute lasts only as long as you're connected. The next time you join the server, you should be unmuted automatically.
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    he was muted when he was on a few days ago, i know that much
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    that didn't happen lol (i wish, i am about to buy a mic soon too just to use on that server!)

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    i got unmuted by anex problem solved.

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    It was some weird glitch. Usually people get unmuted when we change maps. He wasn't being unmuted. It was like... a perma mute. Weird.

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    Lmao.. Perma-mute.. Love it..


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