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    Name: sharper

    Steam id STEAM_0:0:5554028

    Sb_status STEAM_0:0:5554028 sharper dbb0tXNWmLl2fMnvquzdrZTbETL9WyOU

    Why banned?: Wallhack

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    Not enough demo to prove it imo. I watched it through wireframe and hes not following through the walls. Just my opinion. If you turn those mic spammers off, the guy makes footsteps when hes coming through.

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    Not conclusive IMO. I don't base hacking on score alone. It's a really terrible way to measure hacking (although probably the idiot proof way to identify a hacker). Plus like Spasm said if you play like I do and mute everyone, you can still hear the footsteps and gun sounds.

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    Just checked out the demo. Definitely not enough proof to ban him. I don't see any hacking what-so-ever.
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    bullshit, the other one then?
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    I just noticed that the first link is the first demo downloading it now.

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    He isn't hacking, both the demos prove absolutely nothing. I watched the whole first one, which is long as fuck, and I can tell you right now, he wasn't. The only person that any admin powers shoulda been used on that idiot that won't stfu about him, he should have been muted.

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    Utilizing my super-uber headset I can actually follow people through walls. This is what he seems to be doing. He isn't displaying any of the common signs of wall hacking. If anything he's using a very well tuned aim bot just from glancing over how many head shots he has gotten with his deagle (83% or so?). I would just as well assume he's just really good. This isn't mentioning that most people who DO hack don't bother coming onto the forums to try and make the case of how they weren't hacking.

    Obviously, he should be watched like a hawk by any admin who sees him, but only because it's sometimes really difficult to tell an extraordinary player from someone very good at using their hacks (wallhack/aimbots/etc).

    Not conclusive enough for a ban in my book.
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    If you know a map well and have a good headset, you can almost follow people. The difference between playing with a headset rather than speakers is amazing for those of you who never have. not hacking imo
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    Looking it over there does not appear to be any wall hack except for one time however there is no way to know if he saw that on radar or was just waiting for no reason this was right before the 5min mark. The only possible hack would be aimbot and if so is not strong enough for me to detect. I replayed in slow mo to gauge reaction times and they are normal. From what I can see he has very good mouse control and has preaim locations on the map memorized. Most importantly it is clear from his mouse movement that he remains calm and even if suprized can collect himself within 1second maximum.

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