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Thread: sharper 4/21/10 3pm

  1. Default sharper 4/21/10 3pm

    Name in Game:sharper
    Who banned you:bullshit
    When:about 3pm
    Where:IBIS pub #1
    Why banned: Wallhacking

    Other/Reason to unban: was not cheating as all the admins agree on the demo that was posted here i also would like to say the reason why i ran over there near the end of the demo was because a team mate had died in the tunnels over near there just before that

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    it will be worked on buddy just chill for a bit

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    bump for getting this guy unbanned.

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    will look over demo within 24 hours

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    eh, zero that's been done in another topic. it was a mistake banning this one. see topic in bans
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    Looking it over there does not appear to be any wall hack except for one time however there is no way to know if he saw that on radar or was just waiting for no reason this was right before the 5min mark. The only possible hack would be aimbot and if so is not strong enough for me to detect. I replayed in slow mo to gauge reaction times and they are normal. From what I can see he has very good mouse control and has preaim locations on the map memorized. Most importantly it is clear from his mouse movement that he remains calm and even if suprized can collect himself within 1second maximum.

    As a result he will be unbanned. If anyone thinks I overlooked anything please pm me.

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