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    sooo... i am an idiot basically i was speccing a hacker in wcs and took the demo went to perma ban and guess what oops wrong person what do you know

    i banned the user .shox by accident a regular player in the wcs server.

    my apologies if you are reading this because it is a perma ban i am pretty sure.

    i tried to unban him using the unban command but i am unsure if it worked and i dont think it did.

    a little help would be awsome sorry .shox

    much love,


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    need steamID i believe
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    If the unban worked then a message in the console would verify it. Did you look?
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    said could not be verified pm zero time

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    just do ma_rates or status before banning ppl that way you got every 1's steam ID right there.

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    i ran the unban command for shox last night. i havnt heard anything from him yet.

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