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Thread: new maps?

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    i know that this isnt the right format because i dont know the name of the maps or where to dl them but just a suggestion.

    we do have [gg maps] and [zm maps]. i think it would be a cool addition to have a few new maps that are on our other servers wouldnt you think? i assume they would be easy to transfer from server to server

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    gg and zm maps are made for gg and zm respectively. they'd blow ass on wcs.
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    GG and ZM maps are meant for GG and ZM servers due to their respective objectives. WCS runs off of CSS objectives and secondary objectives. Mixing the ZM and GG objectives with a WCS and then certain races will have certain advantages on their team.

    Point being : Objective or else vagalion, vagabond, or rapscallion hide until the round is over (stalling so map ends sooner)

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