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Thread: Non game related funny but reallllllly disturbing

  1. Default Non game related funny but reallllllly disturbing

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    yeah i saw this on shoutwire, hopefully its not true lol.

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    did people respond to her seriously?

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    Probably a prank but holy shit tat is fucking disturbing.

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    Thats disgusting. Christian forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManBearPig <ibis> View Post
    Thats disgusting. Christian forums?

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    ROFL @ "this is tearing me apart". Son must be well endowed.

    God, I hope that's a forum griefer.

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    Definitely fake.

    The entire site if PHP. No reason why a message thread would be in HTML like that. Someone spoofed the site or photoshopped it.

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    Yep, tried going to the actual link, but it is broken, and the forums still have older posts.

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