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Thread: nagarachi-unban

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    Name in Game: nagarachi
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:19994046 01:07 56 0 active
    Who banned you: console
    When: sometime last week...cant remeber exactly
    Where: ibis zombie mod
    Why banned: i was told it was a random console ban...but nothing was ever done about it

    Other/Reason to unban:

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    yea i talked to zero a bit about ur ban...and idk why anything ever got not sayin ur wrong just saying it would be redeeming for u to unban him....:P

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    try now, i just ran the command

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    Step 1: Get Admin
    Step 2:
    Step 3: Get Perma Banned
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    ... IBIS in the name right? ibis.a means admin while IBIS means Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.
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    PM me or Rape if not.

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