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    Default Zero Comprehension

    Below is quote from zero...
    Name: Comic
    Steam: STEAM_0:0:23091463

    History of hacking with multiple VAC banned accounts. Current possession of multiple accounts used to avoid admin actions.

    This is not the first case that a person has been banned for previous VAC ban records. Phalanx a former clan member was removed and permanently banned from all servers for possession of multiple VAC banned accounts as well as possessing multiple accounts used to manipulate the enforcement system.

    Please note that as stated above Comic has other accounts and may try to get more. As always all admins have authority to extend bans to new accounts in order to ensure that the player remains banned. Likewise we are only extending the VAC bans from the other steam accounts in Comic's possession.

    If you come across new steam ids post them here along with evidence linking them to this account.

    Also do not spam this thread, I have been looking over this case for days now. As usual the ban only extends to servers.

    He wont allow you to reply in my defense on his thread....

    He says I am banned for being VAC banned....on a different game....

    He says I am banned for cheating over 4 years ago on NON IBIS server ...

    He says I am banned for trying to avoid a BAN by logging in with my second account but since Zero said that i didnt break rules on 1st ban.,then it doesnt matter if I tried to go around a ban that shouldnt have taken place to begin with...

    Zero closed threads that people posted to defend me and to uphold the rules that only apply to whomever they choose....

    Go ahead zero delete this also....

    Since all of your reasoning makes no sense.....why am I banned?
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    Why would you ban, Comic, he's a really cool guy. Just because he USED to back COD, and who cares about COD that game sucks. But really, do you have any proof of him hacking on YOUR server? Just because of his past doesn't mean you guys have to pretend that your like a business and have to be all official. He does talk a lot, but if you don't like that. Just tell him to be quiet, just because you hate him doesn't mean everyone else does. Comic seems very dedicated to this server, I don't see why you would just through away a good person just because he's 35 years old and play CS. He is going through a hard time. The he was laid off, that doesn't mean he just lives at home and bums around. I bet he's out looking for a job, he does what he can to pay his father rent. I have been listen to him on the VAA servers and it seems like his brother is the douchebag. If his dad wants them to fight, I think they should duke it out like brothers. I don't see why you guys hate him so much, I think he's quite funny, his laugh makes me laugh. I don't see why you guys have to be such hard asses on him, he just wants to play CSS so I say you should let him play CSS. So

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    Why did he ban Comic? beacuse of all the bullshit both sides shat out their anuses.

    It was frustrating, stressful and all it got done was splitting the community. Now comic, I was originally on your side untill the stunts you pulled. Ok so Dual and NYCO are close to you, that doesnt give you the right to give out there names and numbers. thats fucking illegal, they have a damn right to privacy on the web, even if they are jackasses. Now just GTFO and dont bring familey matters here again, Dual and NYCO have been dealt with, and so have you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    So... what your trying to tell me is that you saw a spherical square?

  4. Default I had a feeling this would come in handy

    This is a chat log I copied into a notepad after talking to Comic. That's all I have to say.

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: They banned me for nothing....from all IBIS servers...I need you to go to forums and defend me.....
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Link
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: IBIS website
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: under BAN
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: LINK
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: I Don't have the website
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: I don't use it
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: I can't do anything
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: His ban is 100% legitimate
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: he didn't avoid the truth
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: He never specified a game when he said you had VAC bans on record
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Regardless of what game you were banned on you were still avoiding the VAC System
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Which is a critical offence and could get you banned from Valve and Steam completely by IP forever.
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: However the fact that Dual and NYS both banned you for an illigetimate reason you were banned by ZERO for something else irrelevant to what they banned you
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: I can't back you up without some sort of loop hole
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: I'll keep thinking for a way but right now I can't do anything about it.
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Comic
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Your 35 years old man. I'm 16. Get something in your head. And i'm not saying this to get under your skin or to piss you off or anything like that
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Posting on THAT Thread or making any other new threads will get you ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: They've made a final decision
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: but i want them exposed
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Exposing them wont have any sort of effect.
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: i worked super hard on WCS
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: There's no possible way to expose them without them moderating it
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: It's a game Comic.
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: and now im banned from there
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Let go.
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: its bnullshit
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: I put 4600 levels into my previous pub WCS
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: They shut down because the owner said he didn't like CS:S anymore.
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: I was pissed off and wanted revenge but there's just no way to do anything
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: All your new threads, posts, comments, anything are just going to get deleted by the Forum Mod's.
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: I'm only telling you this for your own good Comic.
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: It's worthless to try anything
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: move on, deal with your brother on a personall level, get a new server
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: I want someone to defend me thats all
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: That's all you can do
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: There's nothing to defend!
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: There are no loopholes around his ban
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: No Defence will undo this.
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: Im Banned for nothing
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: And Me attempting to defend you will just get me banned anyways.
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: i wish I never played CSS AGIN
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Your banned for dodging the VAC system
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: not true
    [N.Y.C]*COMIC: i was misbanned
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Yes it is comic. You were banned on MW2 by VAC for aimbotting / walling.
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Whatever it was.
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: You dodged it with another account
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: That's why you were banned
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: they don't want someone who disobeys and ignores the VAC and Steam rules
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: to be on their server 'corrupting' their players
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: Regardless of if you would or not
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: COMIC. I'm not against you. I'm trying to help you with all this

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    Zero, DUAL, and NYS has made a mockery of IBIS.... Its funny how I am invited to play after 4 years of not playing only to be banned by the person who invites me.....contridictions anyone...

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    Holy shit you sound like a whiny 12 year old in that console log

    Comic, I hate saying things like this but your a 35 year old man, get a fucking life. I never say things like this but what you are doing and still doing is sad

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    So... what your trying to tell me is that you saw a spherical square?

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    Stick to the topic...... and my points

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    Quote Originally Posted by COMIC View Post
    Stick to the topic...... and my points
    I think I can speak for most of the community. were done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    So... what your trying to tell me is that you saw a spherical square?

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    if you speak for the community why are 6 people instant messeging me saying you spreading lies and talking shit in WCS atm....hmmm Point banned for not breaking any rules and all of zeros reasons make no sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by PronoiaST View Post
    .:VAA:. Pronoia ;;& Sweet+Tart: However the fact that Dual and NYS both banned you for an illigetimate reason you were banned by ZERO for something else irrelevant to what they banned you
    That about sums it up comic, your a great guy and fun to play with, but these are ZERO's servers. It doesn't matter if you were setup to be banned to him. If he doesn't want a previous hacker on his server, thats his decision and nothing we say is going to change that. I would move on if I was you, there is tons of other servers out there.

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