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Thread: The Mega Anime Watch List

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    On what site?

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    Anilist site, check it out if u have never heard of it

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    Sailor moon Crystal
    Good Reboot of the series, follows the manga more than its 90's counterpart. * * * *

    Sailor Moon - dub and sub
    One of the greats its long and has a decently capturing story, also defines the magical girl genre . * * * * *
    Dragonball Z - dub and sub
    Another of the classics again good but beware of filler episodes ( the characters can be looong winded ). * * * * *
    Yu Yu Hakusho - dub
    Good series with decent voice acting can cause binge watching issues. * * * * *
    Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) - dub and sub
    Great series that maintains its difference from the others. * * * * *
    Outlaw Star - dub
    Beautiful series though short lived and leaves you wanting more. * * * *
    Akira - dub and sub
    Also called the gold standard. * * * * *
    Gunslinger Girl - dub
    Ok series wont watch again too depressing. * * *
    Steel angel kurumi - dub
    Its a fanservice series good to watch once to say you have. * * *
    Steel angel kurumi 2 - dub
    Bad attempt at a sequel, changed voice actors. *
    Revolutionary Girl Utena - dub
    Decent series that can keep your attention. * * * *

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    I can't see anyone mentioning Last Exile. This has been my fav for some time now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aikon View Post
    I can't see anyone mentioning Last Exile. This has been my fav for some time now.
    Very good show.

    Clearly what needs to be added now is Made in Abyss, what an amazing show.

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    This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

    Naruto Shippuden
    Death Note (itís really nice. Worth rewatching. I even listen to it while commuting to work, playing on my favorite mantigames, before sleeping)
    Toshokan Sensou
    Summer Wars
    Dragon Ball Z
    Bleach: Memories in the Rain (Love it <3)

    Plan to watch
    Darker than Black
    Fate Stay Night

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    I'm currently watching Mai-Hime and it seems great
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    tnx for placing

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