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    My brother introduced me to a lovely little 8-bit adventure called Sleep is Death.

    Sleep is Death is played with two people: a player and a controller. The player plays as if it is your standard 8-bit adventure game--he can move his character, type in his speech bubble, or request to perform an action ("open door", etc.). The controller has a much more complicated time of it--he has an object database from which he can add and subtract objects, and he of course tries to respond to the player's requests and speech prompts. The controller controls other characters that can interact with the main player, as well.

    Anyway, the fact that the storyline is player-driven can make this game very hilarious. There are also plenty of random objects you can choose to make the game interesting: there are nuns, guns, vomit (all 8-bit, mind you), and various background scenes. I also discovered that you can remove the characters' clothes as controller, and they have little 8-bit genitals (yes, I was thoroughly amused). Once you really get into it, you can edit the objects yourselves and create your own backgrounds.

    So, I just thought it was a very innovative game, and it only costs $14 for 2 players. If any of you chaps get it, I'd love to play it with some different people (having only played with my brother up until this point).
    Official site. There are tutorials which are fairly essential to watch if you're going to be the controller.
    Tutorial 1.
    This is where people post their hilarious storylines.

    Next time I play, I'll try to remember to get a screenshot.

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    ok im not going to lie, im confused as fuck.

    for some reason i literally thought you hold a controller and get your friend to like move around and do the commands that you prompt


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