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    Im having a problem with my voice settings in CSS, some people here already know about it and owns has complained about it a few times herself.

    For some reason, my voice settings dont get saved, or now they wont even set. they are stuck on maximum transmit with mic boost, im wearing a headset with a decent mic, so I do not need the boost, so when others are playing, I become the loudest thing on the server and no one can hear over me(people get pissed at me when I rage ). Can I fix this without reinstalling CSS, and if I do reinstall CSS, will I keep my binds?

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    ...your binds? that's it? ok, what you do is take your autoexe.cfg, open in notepad, then go in game, console, type in key_listboundkeys, and copy any custom binds over to the .cfg. they should start automatically running in console once you start your game from then on. simply save that file elsewhere, reinstall, then delete the new autoexe.cfg w/ your edited one.
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    It is probably just need to edit your config file then set to read only, so it cannot be changed by the game.

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    Yeah same thing happens to me it just wont change on me.

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