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    Ok so I was playing wcs yesterday and there was this kids (not going to say who) on and he would not shut up! He was super annoying and wouldn't stop mic spamming and others who just come in and mic spam. I know an admin can do something about this but Ive been on many times like in the morning where no admins were admins on. So like on other servers i think we should have a "Votemute" and "Votekick" Not voteban because then it would be abused. Make it like 80% people have to agree on it to happen because Ive played with Animal and people in the morning and there was a hacker on and no admins are, we all went spec and he just stayed there and we couldn't do anything about it. So its just a thought... what do you guys think?

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    usally the best solution to that is to find which admins are on at which times, and add all of us on steam (=

    add me

    im usally on from 10pm - 6-7 am central

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    haha ok, when i have a good comp, I have 4-5 admins as friends but still if none of them are on what are we gonna do. Just a thought another server i played on had it and it was very useful and it dint get abused at all cause if someone abusing it by kicking someone repeatedly you can ban there ass

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