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Thread: Deadliest Warrior

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    First of all does anyone else watch deadliest warrior? Because i love the show, if you do watch is post who you thinks gonna win this Tuesday and why. So far this season I have gone 3-0 ;D First was Spartan vs Samurai (Spartan one)
    Then it was the Spetnaz(Very tough and brutal group in Russia) vs The IRA (Irish Republican Army) Spetnaz came out Victorious. Then the U.S Swat team vs GSG-9 Germany counter terrorist. Swat was Victorious. This week it is Attila the Hun (The ruthless Barbarian) Vs Alexander the Great (All time best Military strategist Expert in all weapon systems of his time)

    Personally I believe Alexander the great will win because he is a brilliant military strategist loaded with heavy army. But it will be a very close fight we know how those barbarians can be

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    Deadliest Catch is a far superior show
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    thx for all the opinions and advice ppl... aside from rage lol.
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    Agreed with Rage. Deadliest Catch is awesome!!! But yet again Deadliest Warrior is good too.

    Personally Atilla The Hun is more of a brute user and he doesn't really use too much logic even though he ruled in warfare but Alexander the Great was far more superior than him, not only will this battle use logistics but the armor and how far advanced everyone is.

    Personally Alexander will win

    And for all you Deadliest catch guys, Cornelia Marie will have the most crabs this year

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    deadliest warrior= all that is show!

    love it

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    i'm with atilla, in a one on one fight.

    if it was army vs. army, it'd be a lot more even. comeon though, atilla kicks so much more ass than alexander in person. hell, alexander wasn't even featured in Bill and Ted's.

    that's another thing, does atilla get some football padding, a bronze baseball bat, and some twinkies? if so, he'll take out alexander's army by himself. (if you don't get it, stop failing and go watch bill and ted's excellent adventure.)
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    Haha yes Attila is way more of a brute warrior and slaughtered way more people, but he has no armor (that i recall of) and there giving Alexander the Great a Ballista (Giant crossbow) that would pierce Attila right to the ground. He has all better weapons so im still with Alexander. This will be a fight of the old fashion saying "Brains vs Bronze"

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    Its on tonight

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    its the last commercial b4 the big fight... Im gonna have to go with Atilla more brute force. Alexander is shit without his armies and will surely lose....

    Anyway its ON!!!


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    atilla won fml....

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    I prefer The Jamie Fox Show, maybe it's cause I'm black.

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