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Thread: Ohai Guise

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    Since I was recently able to buy my way out of slavery, I am back.


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    who the fuck are you?
    Quote Originally Posted by OMGBEARS
    I feel it is important for me to let you know how feeble your efforts to strike such feelings inside of me really are. I have the internal fortitude of a large animal, an elephant, for instance. Likewise, I'm the result of coitus between the devil and a pack mule made out of chainsaws, so I am extremely strong, and carry little care for others in this world. Trees also stand aside due to my chainsaw blood.
    Quote Originally Posted by ๖ReS View Post
    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by acolyte_to_jippity View Post
    who the fuck are you?
    Who the fuck are you hippy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maynard View Post
    thx for all the opinions and advice ppl... aside from rage lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO
    Think of the reserved slot as a vip ticket to the club. You get to go past the line and kick someone out of the club so you can get in. However if on your way to the club some fat ass gets stuck in the door when the bouncer goes to check him then you got to wait for the fire department to cut his fat ass out of the door before you can get in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rage View Post
    That is not the correct response, please try again.

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    The name sounds familiar, I think he was one of many kids I bitched out of the server awhile ago.

    and Zero you really need to reduce the allowed size of everyones signatures, first holy sonic now this guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by demonater10 View Post
    Since I was recently able to buy my way out of slavery, I am back.

    He was on zmod last night mic spamming, if another admin hadn't recognized him I would have kicked him because it was reallyyyy annoying.

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    I remember this kid. He's a jerkoff.

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    LOL Hi.
    I fucking love music
    Rip Paul Gray

    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    fuck mic spammers.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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