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Thread: Gungame Ban?

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    Hi. I was wondering why i was banned on the gungame server without notification as of what i was doing wrong. I did not see anyone write something out for me to see what i was doing wrong but i guess there must have been something.
    Recently my ping was jumping from <50 to 300+ out of no where. That may have been a reason? It seemed as if i fixed it by making my updaterate/cmdrate lower and my ping stayed at a certain low. I have been playing for about a year so that might explain why i didn't know what to have done to fix my ping.
    I don't even know if this is the right place to post the complain but i hope for a response!

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    ok, look at the forums.

    see if you can find any better place to put this.

    look for something relating to "un ban requests"
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    alright sorry O.o me is newww

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    It's ok, though there was an epic IBIS gamer by the same name about a year ago.

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