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Thread: Headset Suggestions?

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    Yes I know, everyone bitches about my mic sounding like i'm underwater so any suggestions?

    I want a headset with good sound and mic, but so far in my search it's been and a hit and miss. It will have reviews about great sound but a shitty mic or vice versa.

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    First DO NOT use headsets.
    Second 99% of the time it is not the MIC
    99% of the time it is the DSP

    I have been using the same free line in mic for 10 years without a problem but it sounds fine because I always have a good motherboard or sound card and thus DSP. Most new motherboards have good DSP in them so all you need is a line in mic. That is it, do not buy anything else.

    This is all you need:

    You will notice especially on the 3.5mm mics that reviews are all over the place. This is becuase people do not know how to use or configure their mic or have a bad DSP.

    This one is a bit more money
    however it has better sensitivity and the frequency range is more restricted to help prevent background noise from being picked up.
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    Hah well thats good advice, I have had a headset before and now I have a desktop mic and everyone says it sounds like i'm under water. I try adjusting the levels and whatnot and I just can't figure out how to fix it.

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    hell i was about to post somthing like this cause i need a new mic as well

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    Yeah. Before you go spending money on a headset you don't need, play with the output settings both on your computer and on Steam. You can generally hear how it sounds in settings with the "test your mic" feature.

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