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    Well apparently the other thread seems to have gone off topic, so I'll post it here.

    Zombie mod server

    His: & Rodrigo<ibis.a>

    Mine: [IBIS Comedian]Laxjeff2002

    Cujo and ...I think pooter can vouch for this, although I am retarded for not taking a screenshot at the obvious one during one of the maps.

    On the map called island_defense something something (the one where there are two pieces of land, and a bridge connected them with a pit of spikes below), Rodrigo glitched himself into the side of the cliff near spawn, which was impossible to do unless your an admin. No one could reach him at all, but he could shoot through with machine gun.

    On space_stationzz, he gave himself 999999 health so that he could survive the room with the exploding floor, almost every single round.

    And I am positive this isn't the only times he has done it, it's just what I saw him doing time I'll take a screen shot if this isn't sufficient (and reading rules...if another admin's agreement isn't proof enough then I'll probably have to)

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    well the wall glitch in island defense is illegal, although changing health as human isnt from my point of view since its still 1 hit 1 kill from zombie.

    but yes, we've gotten a shit load of complains about him. i've got demos of him slapping himself to impossible places to reach, disrupting game play,c changing health as zombie, slapping himself to humans as zombie, and giltching.

    im waiting for zero so i can send the demos/pics.

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    this is the 2nd time this has happened, i think we should have a talk with him. shouldnt happen too much more

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    Admin revoked

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