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    Any1 has played or is currently playing tf2? I want to buy it on steam, now they offer me garrys mod.
    What are you thoughts regarding this game? Is it fun to play online?

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    Garrysmod is fun. I play it to this day.

    TF2.. Not a big fan..

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    Yeah theres alot of dumb shit in it, they only just recient fixed the pyro problem, just the rest of the classes left.

    Not to mention what there going to fuck up with the engineer update.
    I still can't get over the fucking screw up with the ambassador.

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    lol im downloading tf2 already. Just watched a trailer and i liked it. It has a really high metascore. Must be good to play

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    Quote Originally Posted by diablo View Post
    lol im downloading tf2 already. Just watched a trailer and i liked it. It has a really high metascore. Must be good to play
    you're retarded.

    the game is hard, i used to be a huge tf2 player, until i found css and discovered i didn't die nearly as much while getting the same handful of kills.
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    Yeah theres also a few really dumb things they've done with the unlocks like the dead ringer activates from fall damage even if your not under fire
    and you cant use your weapons when its out, you quickly have to click it off to use them

    the ambassador is only worth it if you headshot them, wait 2 seconds and fire again hopefully hitting them in the head again.

    besides the fact that the barrels blocked up like it was a deactivated gun from the UK

    That and the soldier unlock the direct hit kills you more in really close range than the enemy does even thought the regular rocket launcher does no such thing

    I could go on and on about it but to say the least they really havent thought the unlocks out well.

    The game has its good points but its brought down by really dumb shit like this, god only knows what the engineer unlocks going to do to it.

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    i will tell u tonite how are my thoughts on tf2. Got to work until 8pm lol Cant wait to play it

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    Go play gang garrison 2.

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