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Thread: k-admin abuse

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    Default k-admin abuse

    admins ingame name: {k} ibis.a
    my ingame name: hallwagner-ibis.a
    how did he abuse me: he didnt....he banned sneaky sneaky for prenuking on atix helicoptor on the zm server, when he had no proof sneaky was responsible. even tho it was a 1 hour ban, which is not that bad, i tried to get sneaky unbanned by asking for the command to enter in console. his response was basically "fuck you". i'm not sure thats a responsible way to handle a mistake ban.
    proof: banned 1 hr @ approximatley 3:30 am est may 5 2010 (not exactly sure when)

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    He was the last one alive after the nuke so I assumed he was the one who did it. If I am wrong, then I am sorry and wish to apologize.

    P.S. it was only 30 mins
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    Don't be so hasty to ban people. You need to be 100% sure you are banning the correct person.

    However I do feel as though the fuck you was relevant. Hall, if you could calm down with the language, that would be great. Admins really need to be more aware of what they are saying. I mean I know I am pretty bad with language. One person could take a joke seriously and then there would be a problem. Joking between friends is fine but be careful when talking to another person in the same manner.

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    i actually died it was RawR #MMEW wh owas the last alive. thats why i kept saying RawR stop pre nuking. no harm done i just wished you banned the other kid.

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    why cant i veiw it?

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    Just to clarify a few more things;

    Yes I was too quick on the ban. I watched the demo very carefully and concluded that I'm the one that was wrong. So again, I apologize to you, Sneaky for the wrongful ban.

    I did lose my cool at that time and said "fuck this" and "fuck you too, hall". He knew that I was recording demos to build my case against him in admin abuse and I felt being mocked by his attempt to record
    demo of whoever was pre-nuking the map. So no, I did not drop the "FU" on him when he asked for the unban command.

    I uploaded the demo even though it would probably hurt me the most, but I want everyone to know what really happened and not take baseless accusation that could easily be twisted to gain favor for the accuser.

    I will leave this to the clan members and/or Zer0 to be the judge.

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    I've been banned before because I've lived as a human through the nuke. Keep in mind there are 3 places where humans or zombies can survive. The only ones who can set off the nuke are poisons, as they are the only ones who can jump high enough.

    It was a 30 minute ban, and we all make mistakes. It's when they're frequent that it is a problem.

    As for Hallwagner, that is being looked into.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    Bob is does hallwagner..but i must agree ban is the only way to go(gotta ban em nubs) just make sure its the right nub. i havent find any problems with sneaky sneaky yet just yet Play game and have fun.!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KɅΞW View Post
    He was the last one alive after the nuke so I assumed he was the one who did it. If I am wrong, then I am sorry and wish to apologize.

    P.S. it was only 30 mins
    it wasnt only the wrongful was the way you handled yourself afterwards. not a big deal though

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