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Thread: umm.... hello?

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    Cool umm.... hello?

    hi my name is dublin.... no im not from ireland but i do have ancestors from there. i have played on ur servers for about a week (lol). and i just wanted to join the forums in order to get to know u all. i usually play gg, surf, and pub servers. hope to see u all while im here. (also i like to be as active as posible on the forums and in game.
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    thanks man also just to add if i have nothing to do and im on the forums i will respond pretty fast. lol. im saying this because ive been on other forums and they didnt seem to like it.

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    Make sure you don't spam. The moderator doesnt like that. There;s nothing wrong with posting alot. Hell, I post alot too. So go right ahead lad.

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    lol thanks for the heads up

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    just in

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    Quote Originally Posted by dublin View Post
    just in
    Clever, Welcome.

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    Welcome to the beginning to the end

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    ???????? sounds sexy

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