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Thread: Best ZM Cade ever?

  1. Default Best ZM Cade ever?

    Anex, IceWorm, Hotwingsbitch, SP

    Screen shot your cades and post 'em.

  2. Default

    woot that was a nice cade hehe

    even with nades it didnt break much

  3. Default

    nah, i wish i still had my screeny, but i used all items in there to make the cade and made it even looking, i was extremely bored lol.

  4. Default

    nice skins.

  5. Default

    lol, models are kind of kreepy, what are you using?

  6. Default

    hey thats me on the right. lol

  7. Default

    Wow I can not even see the space where they are supposed to get in from! NICE

  8. Default

    lol nice. the 2 on the right actually look like they r chillen on the couch

  9. Default Not really a cade but epic battle

    Just a little 3 screenshots to look at.

  10. Default

    thats pretty nice. hold up in the john lol . to bad the zombies couldnt just lean down and bite their ankles

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