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Thread: Horrible Lag On All Servers? (Over now)

  1. Default Horrible Lag On All Servers? (Over now)

    Zero, the servers (At least WCS and ZM) are lagging horribly.. Everyone seems to have 300+ ping and get kicked for having a high ping.

    Friday, May 07, 11:06 AM

    Edit:All servers are down?.. 11:09

    Edit2: They're back up now.. That was weird. (11:22)
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    how did you know about wcs? were people complaining to you?
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    yea i noticed it on gungame..the crash was when blade restarted the server. it seemed to fix the problem

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    i notice that it was not only our (ibis) servers. But alot other server was not respondig. Therefore i think its was the host that hot some hardware or connection problem.

    OR it was just an alien that attacked the earth
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    yeah, zm is down. wtf? that's wcs's job

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    I think softlayer was doing a network update that day if I remember from an e-mail a while back.

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