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Thread: Favorite Player for ZM

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    Ok so I am pirating this thread from 0wns and bringing it here.

    Who here is your favorite person to cade with in any ZM map.

    Personally I liked cading with Oasis or Rezel. But neither of them are around anymore so I am left all alone
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    thx for all the opinions and advice ppl... aside from rage lol.
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    Think of the reserved slot as a vip ticket to the club. You get to go past the line and kick someone out of the club so you can get in. However if on your way to the club some fat ass gets stuck in the door when the bouncer goes to check him then you got to wait for the fire department to cut his fat ass out of the door before you can get in.

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    My absolute fav was LB to cade with used to type out fake zteles and watch zombie ztele after words. But LB has long disappeared. But i got my others like Hobo, Blades, Mastagunz, Panda, James and all my other friends that hop on zm from time to time.

    Sadly Rage I dont think i have ever caded with you

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    I nominate myself because I always find the best cading spots and bitch at the people who either fuck them up or don't do them to my specifications.

    I think most people would agree that makes for a fun gaming experience. My awesome music selections don't hurt either.

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    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    I like to cade with any admin (especially Hobo and James).

    My favorite would have to be NessLookAlike. We just yell OH YEAH at each other while everyone else tries to stab us.

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    NAGGAFIN....not only because hes awesome....but hes a great zm player who's always fun to tal to

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    well a big fuck you too then hallwagner lol.

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    Hobo, James, and any people who are competent.

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    If i really wanted to i could pussy cade every map and never die. That serves no challenge or fun so i go out and find cades that are difficult to hold alone or with a group of people.

    If i had to choose anyone it would of been back in the day with Killa-B... which i dought any of you rem him...
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    Oh and let your mom know I did receive the invitation she sent for your party at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow.

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    "Nothing beats the hobo life, stabbin folks with my hobo "

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