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    we should all get in team speak or something where the communication is way better then any CS server, like our own cool lobbe

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    do you mean like a ventrillo server?

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    Ibis has a ventrilo server

    And ventrilo is much better than teamspeak.

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    matters, when it comes to admin speak only, i say the admin team speak is better then vent.
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    yeah like ventrilo!!!

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    thats nice we do have a ventrilo...more people should use it.. make like a post on the server to inform people about it

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    We don't want noob mic spammers coming on. But i wouldn't mind more people being there.

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    i never see anyone on the vent when i connect... so i leave.

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    its got its own section on the ibis main page. lmao, just shows how new you are to here.

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