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Thread: Valheru-May 10th-5:40PM GMT-8

  1. Default Valheru-May 10th-5:40PM GMT-8

    Name in Game: Valheru
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:19183241
    Who banned you: I think it was a auto-ban
    When: Probably about 10mins ago at time of post
    Where: WCS server
    Why banned: Accidentally command spamming I guess

    Other/Reason to unban:
    No malicious intent, just was being impatient and doing 'timeleft' in console...didn't know the server could see it if I entered it in console.
    I'm guessing it's a auto-temp ban, more curious about it than anything.
    If it's like a couple of hours it's no biggie, more just wondering how long than anything.

    Thank you

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    yeah...command spamming isn't good.

    a clanner will have to unban you i believe. admins can't undo a console ban
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    Do you know how long it is?

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    It was permanent.. It's for anti-hacking purposes. The owner Zero will need to unban you I think.

    I'll try you unban you though. Tell me if it works or not.

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    Perm thats crazy, haha XD

    Thank you for trying, but it didn't work
    Now I just gotta attract Zero's attention to this thread

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