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Thread: IBIS T Shirts?

  1. Default IBIS T Shirts?

    Ive been thinking for a while about making an IBIS T shirt

    But figured I see if others would want one too and maybe have some better ideas. I dont know how to use photoshop or gimp all that well but please Post ideas and that you might have
    The front I was either thinking of the IBIS Gaming Header generic or to and our sigs to each shirt.

    But here are my ideas

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    Shirt? No. Hoodie? Yes.

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    Either or, could look into that as well, but still would need a set design ideas?

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    well, the second one works better for a hoodie.

    i think this is a great idea!
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    that looks aweful, how about a few different ones with common sayings/quotes from people who play? that would be less horrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
    that looks aweful, how about a few different ones with common sayings/quotes from people who play? that would be less horrible.
    I want peoples ideas what they think would make a good ibis shirt or hoodie, that was something i threw together in 15 min, If you got some good designs or saying post them, Im not very good with photoshop either, so hope one of you more creative guys like christmas or someone makes something

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    No I live in FL just a t-shirt for me, I think it's a great idea!
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    Southern Cali where the average summer temp is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Tshirt plz! lol

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    id buy a hoodie and shirt but i could help with design

    i took 3 years of graphic design

    EDIT: though i dont think its apporpriate for just css

    it would be a great advertising scheme to attract more people if IBIS expanded into other online games as well

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    What happened to my toupee?

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