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    Change: spawntime, it needs to be reduced by 10 seconds because the T's keep triggering the fence thats supposed to hold the zombies up, not the humans and the zombie needs to be teleported back to spawn

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    we just need to take these maps out of rotation more.

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    No we dont it needs tweaking thats all.

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    yes. we need to remove it from rotation. it and it's piece of crap sisters (they all used to be men btw)
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    they are overplayed and glitchy

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    I like this map, theres plenty of other far more deserving maps for removal all this one needs is a little tweaking.

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    Then fix the idiot noobs fucking everything up. fix the glitch with the ring on Mount Doom. Fix the broken bridge glitch/lag in Mines of Moria.

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    Do you want me to part the water like Moses too?

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    yes plz! lol

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    updating to a new version

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