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Thread: app: _IcE_[WoRM]<ibis.a>

  1. Default app: _IcE_[WoRM]<ibis.a>

    Real Name: Randy Ice

    In game Name: _IcE_[WoRM]<ibis.a>

    Weapons of Choice: zombieara/pump dualies norm:deagle and p90

    Maps: Office, and just about any zombie

    Reason for App: i admin for the servers, love the people in the clan and the community

    Experience: Clan leader TFC CSK back in 99, CS clan WoRM leader to this day while it is almost a dead clan now i still love it..
    admining since beta 2

    Contact Info: msg on forums pls

    A lil About me: 26 from brooklyn ny. game lover and just a human 10 fingers and toes 2 eyes 2 eats a nose and mouth and 13 testiceles just like any other male..

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    Good luck on app, another New Yorker!

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    I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island. Lived in all the 5 boros, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

    They call me 5 Boros !

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    looks like 1 big gay new yorker sex party. too bad it consists of 3 homos.'

    well, i dont want to be rude to ice. dual and nyco are the only homos here.

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    WhITBOIZ Wants to be a New Yorker so bad.

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    all jokes aside.... i do... i really do.

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    Just letting you know that no Non-Pub player has ever been admitted. My recommendation to you is to play pub as much as possible to have a chance. Good clan experience though, although your still in another clan...

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    worm is long since dead. i just wear it as it is a part of my life.. the ethics of the clan and why we played are somethign that i respect.

    basicly it was have fun make friends and kick ass and take names lol

    worm means - With Out ReMorse

    and i been in gg alot more often still gotta hit the pub

    i might add

    i have ogl/cal/cpl experance lol

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    Yeah its all good man. I just recommend playing pub and make sure you have a mic. Hopefully ill see you in the pub for my like 3 hours a week i play.

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    ibis isnt directly active in cal, but im hoping to change that.

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